Winston Park Guardians

– Creating a secure freehold Country Estate –


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What is Winston Park Guardians (WPG)?

Winston Park Guardians (WPG) is a registered section 21 not-for profit company owned completely by us WP residents: you, me, our neighbours, families and friends. This gives us the power to:

  • Take back control of our neighbourhood
  • Increase the value of our properties
  • Create a lifestyle of a desirable freehold-type gated estate
  • Provide a safe environment for children and families to enjoy

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How we’re taking action

Community Owned

We as a community control our own security at lower than commercial rates.

Guards and Rangers

24/7 guard shifts at strategic points throughout WP to monitor the road & bush.


Old cliff barriers will be repaired and thorny hedges planted to prevent gorge access.

Advanced Technology

Advanced fixed and roaming monitoring and guarding technology.

Armed Response Patnerships

Agreements signed with preferred armed response partners to ensure accountability.

Winston Park Control Room

Access to Incident Management Centre (IMC) linked directly to response role-players.

Investigators & Informants

The use of private investigators and trusted informants is a critical component to the project’s success.

Community Communication

Communication platforms informing you of any crime related incidents in your vicinity.

Continuous Improvement

A community based solution open to all ideas and striving to continuously improve our community.

Keen to join us as a member of Winston Park Guardians?

We currently have about 81% of the households required for SRA signed up to the WPG initiative. The more people that sign up the cheaper the price will become and the faster we can implement everything. Your contribution is vital to the success of the project!